Anchor Leather Bracelet LER - Old Skipper
Anchor Leather Bracelet LER - Old Skipper
Anchor Leather Bracelet LER - Old Skipper

Anchor Leather Bracelet LER

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Ler, a Celtic god, driving his chariot across the surface of the sea is one of the true protectors of its people from history and until now. He could stir up the raging ocean as he passed. The waves were considered his horses and his champion stallion was Enbhárr – ‘water-foam’.

Ler had an invincible shield that no weapon could pierce, a magical knife that could cut through stone and a marvelous shirt that also protected its wearer from weaponry.

Bracelet Ler is for the people like the sea, calming to others and protective of the loved ones.Will get you compliments for sure!

Product Details

    • Made of genuine nautical rope, leather + stainless steel
    • Can be easily attached to the wrist
    • Unisex (but pick your correct size)
    • Weight: 1-1.4 oz/ 30-40 grams
    • Handmade
    • Manufactured in Europe
    • 25-year warranty


You want this bracelet to fit you perfectly, right? You don't want it to be too loose or too tight. You don't want to return it and wait for a replacement. Neither do we!

So please, PLEASE measure your wrist (not your watch, not your cuff) as explained here (click here) and pick your correct size the first time so you can have a PERFECT fit! 

 Size Wrist size (inch) Wrist size (cm)
XS 5.9 15
S 6.3 16
M 6.7 17
L 7 18
XL 7.5 19
2XL 7.9 20
3XL 8.2 21
4XL 8.7



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