Anchor Nautical Rope Bracelet COOK - Old Skipper
Anchor Nautical Rope Bracelet COOK - Old Skipper

Anchor Nautical Rope Bracelet COOK

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The place where you're born, who your parents are or what they do is not an obstacle for you to become anything you want. James Cook, born in 1728 as a farmers son in an English village knew that he's destined for something more than what his ancestors were.

Climbing in the hierarchy in the Royal Navy during the Seven Year War, James grasped a command of a battleship which was already a huge success for a "farm boy". After that, he achieved something he's best known for because he was the first European to discover the east coast of Australia, Hawaiian Islands and he was the first person to circumnavigate the coast of New Zealand. It's almost impossible to count how many memorials and statues are in this world inspired by him and how much he contributed to the science.

The rope he held when seeing Hawaiian volcanic islands it the same type as the one used to make this bracelet. This bracelet is here to remind you that you forge your own path, no matter who you were when you first came to this world.

Will get you compliments for sure!

Product Details

    • Made of genuine nautical rope + stainless steel
    • Can be easily attached to the wrist
    • Unisex (but pick your correct size)
    • Weight: 1-1.4 oz/ 30-40 grams
    • Handmade
    • Manufactured in Europe
    • 25-year warranty


You want this bracelet to fit you perfectly, right? You don't want it to be too loose or too tight. You don't want to return it and wait for a replacement. Neither do we!

So please, PLEASE measure your wrist (not your watch, not your cuff) as explained here (click here) and pick your correct size the first time so you can have a PERFECT fit! 

 Size Wrist size (inch) Wrist size (cm)
XS 5.9 15
S 6.3 16
M 6.7 17
L 7 18
XL 7.5 19
2XL 7.9 20
3XL 8.2 21
4XL 8.7



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