Our Story

You’re a sea lover, a dreamer with eyes wide open! You yearn for adventure. Fashion is a must but it doesn’t have a meaning to you if it doesn’t tell a story. Your story. You must identify with everything you wear. We understand you, that is why we exist.

The story of you is told by our diverse collection of bracelets. It's hand-made in Europe, sent directly from the workshop to you. All our bracelets are made of nautical ropes or leather, with unique decorative elements, knitting or knots specific to sailors. It can't get more authentic than that!

Our soul guides our fingers when making your bracelet because we're implementing everything you are and what you represent into it.

Our mission is to make a strong bond between a bracelet and you. Only when it causes strong feelings, reminds you of something you stand for, tells you to be strong, to love even more or just relax and enjoy in life, we'll know we succeeded.

The story of your life and personality with a remarkable design around your wrist. It sounds amazing!

What's more amazing is the fact that we can guarantee it will stay with you for at least 2 yearsYes, your personal bracelet must be able to go into adventures with you for the next quarter of a century, we can vouch for that with our warranty for that period.

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